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CEMREST works with poor, marginalized and disadvantaged communities as its primary target group to assist them in uplifting their livelihoods through their efforts. CEMREST believes strongly in the ability of communities to identify and drive their own development
agenda CEMREST attempts to ensure as far as possible that its interventions have a national perspective by covering a diverse number of counties or regions. CEMREST endeavours to spread its interventions across the country.


Our main activities are; 

 Natural resources management and biodiversity conservation.

 Sustainable energy (Solar energy, Bio-gas energy, cooking fuel).

 Water supply, sanitation and hygiene initiatives.

 Livelihood enhancement, sustainable agriculture and food security initiatives.

 STEM education and vocational training initiatives.

 Climatic change mitigation and tree planting initiatives.

 psychosocial and health initiatives.

 Community empowerment initiatives (Empowerment of vulnerable groups including

Women, Youths, Children, older people and others).