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Donation to Persons with Disabilities in Kumba, Cameroon

Event Summary

The Community Empowering Movement for a Responsive Society (CEMREST) organized a donation event to support persons with disabilities in the Kumba region of Southwest Cameroon. The event aimed to provide essential supplies and aid to improve the lives of this underserved community.

Event Details

-Date: May 15, 2023
-Location: Kumba, Southwest Region, Cameroon
-Organizer: Community Empowering Movement for a Responsive Society (CEMREST)
-Beneficiaries: Persons with disabilities in the Kumba region

Donation Items

The following items were donated during the event:

50 wheelchairs
30 pairs of crutches
20 hearing aids
40 walkers
100 hygiene kits (including soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, sanitary pads)
75 blankets
60 mosquito nets

Event Activities

The donation event included the following activities:

-Registration and verification of beneficiaries
-Distribution of donated items to the identified persons with disabilities
-Educational session on disability rights and accessing support services
-Medical checkups and referrals for beneficiaries
-performances and entertainment

Outcomes and Impact

The donation event had a significant positive impact on the lives of the persons with disabilities in the Kumba region. Key outcomes include:

-Improved mobility and independence for 50 individuals through the provision of wheelchairs
-Enhanced accessibility and daily living for 70 beneficiaries with the distribution of crutches, walkers, and hearing aids
-Increased access to essential hygiene and healthcare supplies for 100 individuals
-Raised awareness about disability rights and available support services in the community


The donation event organized by CEMREST in Kumba, Cameroon was a successful and impactful initiative that directly addressed the needs of persons with disabilities in the region. The donated items and educational activities contributed to improving the quality of life and promoting the inclusion of this underserved community. CEMREST’s commitment to empowering marginalized populations and driving sustainable development in Africa is commendable.

    • Time : 12:15 pm - 6:00 pm (UTC+0)

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