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HIV/AIDS is a major concern for developing countries worldwide. Lack of education, poor nutrition and inadequate health care, linked with extreme poverty, make people in the poorest countries most vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. Like most developing countries, this disease is a major concern for Cameroon because it is a deterrent for development. HIV/AIDS increases poverty and reverses human development.

 The Global Health Facts data indicate that 21.5% of Cameroon’s 5,300,000 adults are living with HIV/AIDS. This high prevalence of HIV/AIDS in our most productive age group poses a major challenge for both government and civil society. The HIV/AIDS pandemic is growing rapidly every year, resulting in NGOs working across a wide range of issues continuously having to contend with an ever increasing number of people in need of their assistance.

CEMREST have been very influential in developing strategies to curtail the spread of HIV/AIDS and help people affected by the virus. These NGOs have had a tremendous impact on the lives of many Cameroonians in particular, have ensured that HIV/AIDS is an integral part of their programmatic focus, with the view that knowledge of HIV/AIDS is the first step towards prevention. Stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS is essential for sustainable development.