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Our education programmes are meant to create a platform for children who have been born in deprived communities to mostly ignorant, poor and illiterate parents to find hope and meaning in life.

Specifically, CEMREST works to:

o      Support high performing and disadvantage rural school children, particularly girls with full and partial scholarship packages. Beneficiaries also receive material and other forms of personal support from CEMREST

o      Bridge the technological gap between children in the urban and deprived areas. We do this through the provision of Free Information Technology Training for children and youth in rural communities.

o      Provide career guidance and counseling. We guide the children to identify, develop, maximize and release, their potential.

o      Organise Quizzes/What-do-you-know Contests, Essay Competitions, Debates and Science/Craft/Cultural Fairs for basic schools. The purpose is to create a lively and competitive school environment to motivate the school children.

o      Of particular interest is the ICT Education for all Initiative under which we offer Free Information Technology Training for school children in rural communities.