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CEMREST works to reduce hunger and malnutrition and to help smallholder farming families improve their lives. These cannot succeed without addressing the role of women in agriculture. We work with rural communities and partners to be responsive to women’s roles, responsibilities, and priorities in all of our agricultural development programs.

We live in a world in which farmers can produce enough food for everyone. However, a large part of the world’s developing countries population goes hungry every day and approximately over 6 million people in Cameroon are malnourished.


Food price have risen over the past years. This is a catastrophe for developing countries like Cameroon. CEMREST through its agricultural projects helps enhance the availability of food for the local population through the improvement of better farming method, production and storage, irrigation and cultivation of commercial crops. We help people overcome and access food, supply of good seeds, fertilizer support food security programs and granting financial subsidies to small farming groups.


Most families in rural areas of Cameroon have farm plots of not less than a quarter of an acre. Even with two growing seasons, the pressure on the land is intense, as maize and beans, the two staple crops, deplete the soil quickly. Lack of good agricultural practices and training has results to poor yields.


CEMREST therefore envisions Agriculture as an important aspect of life for nearly every human.